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    Institutional Investors are Changing the Landscape of Homeownership in America

    By Matt Lawson | February 6, 2024

    And they are Only Growing The term “institutional investor” wasn’t used frequently in the real estate industry prior to the COVID housing boom of 2020. Now, it’s a term I use almost daily when connecting with my buyer and seller clients about housing. For those of you that don’t know, an institutional investor in the... Read More

    When does the Spring Real Estate Market Start in the Carolinas?

    By Matt Lawson | January 23, 2024

    A question I get asked often is when is the best time to buy or sell a home? The answer varies for everyone depending on what you’re looking for in your next home, but traditionally speaking the Spring is usually one of the hottest seasons for the real estate industry. There are a lot of... Read More

    Expectations and how to Prepare for the 2024 Real Estate Market

    By Matt Lawson | January 9, 2024

    The real estate industry across the United States has experienced what can only be described as a wild roller coaster ride over the last 3 years. Here locally in the Charlotte region and across the Carolina’s we’ve weathered the storm a lot better than most of the country, but what’s next? The year ahead of... Read More

    Closing out 2023 and what to Expect in the Year Ahead

    By Matt Lawson | December 28, 2023

    As we enter the final few days of 2023 it’s time to reflect on the past 12 months and look forward to the New Year. Like most I look back at the last year and reflect on how I’ve grown, but also how I can grow and improve both as a person and in business... Read More

    FED Holds Rates in December and Projects Future Cuts

    By Matt Lawson | December 14, 2023

    Yesterday the FOMC made the announcement that they would be holding rates for the remainder of 2023. This announcement is a continuation of the FED policy from previous months as inflation data continues to be more favorable to the overall economic outlook. With inflation down the decision comes as a welcome and expected one to... Read More

    Mortgage Rates Down for Fifth Straight Week

    By Matt Lawson | December 7, 2023

    Rates continue to decline on expectation of economic stabilization This week marks the 5th straight week for the slow, but steady decline of mortgage rates that have now reached a 9 week low. is reporting as of 11/30/23 that rates have fallen to 7.22% from their record high in October at 7.79%. It is expected... Read More

    Mortgage Rates are on the Decline

    By Matt Lawson | November 14, 2023

    How long will it take for mortgage rates to reach “Normal”? For the second straight week mortgage rates have fallen as Freddie Mac is reporting a quarter point (.25%) reduction since record highs at 7.79% on October 26th. This slight reduction may not feel like much to the consumer today, but it’s a sharp contrast... Read More

    FED Stays Rates for Second Straight Meeting

    By Matt Lawson | November 2, 2023

    What does this mean for the economy and interest rates through the end of 2023? Yesterday the FOMC announced that they would hold their benchmark interest rate for the second straight meeting. This announcement leaves rates at the same level since July of 2023, with only one rate increase since May of 2023. Prior to... Read More

    Are we in a Buyers Market?

    By Matt Lawson | October 17, 2023

    What the data tells us: The real estate market here in the Charlotte region has seen it’s share of ups and downs over the last year thanks to historically high interest rates and unusually low inventory levels. A typical supply and demand curve would tell us the lower the overall supply the higher the demand,... Read More

    FED Holds Steady on Rates, what now? 

    By Matt Lawson | September 27, 2023

    The Federal Open Market Committee made the decision to stay rates during their meeting last week leaving the market breathing a slight sigh of relief. This relief may be short lived however as the FOMC made it clear that if they deemed it necessary, more interest rate increases are in our not-so-distant future. This leads... Read More